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Personal Insurance

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Once we have assessed your personal risk profile, we will be able to offer you any of the personal insurance products that the major Namibian insurance companies have available.

Our qualified consultants will spend time with you to understand your insurance needs. They will then be able to offer you comparative quotations on your insurance portfolio.

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Personal Insurance from one of the leading insurance brokers in Namibia

Personal Insurance Solutions

The Personal Package Policy offers a wide range of insurance cover options and is flexible enough to be tailored to your unique individual insurance needs. Our trained consultants will, after having made a proper needs assessment, provide you with different insurance solutions to cover your risks. On agreement they will be able to offer you the right match in product, cover, premium and service. The following types of cover are available as part of a personal insurance policy. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of the available options. Talk to our consultants today to provide you with your unique insurance solution.

Household Goods


Mechanical Breakdown

Legal Access

All Risks



Accidental Damage