Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is a specialist product with each area’s own unique characteristics, suited to their kind of business. Every business owner has responsibilities and obligations which must be managed. Suitable Insurance cover will help manage these risks.Engineering Insurance consist of the following insurance covers:

Construction - All risk

Products cater for normal building contracts or civil engineering contract works, and are structured as follows:
Car – normal buildings, private dwellings, home units, schools, university buildings, hospitals and shopping malls, etc.
The cover provides for fortuitous (accidental) physical loss or damage to:

  • The Contract Works itself (the structure being built)
  • The Materials used to construct the Contract Works
  • Labour costs incurred to add value to the works
  • Free issue Materials (material supplied by the owner)
  • Temporary Works (temporary access roads, site accommodation and water diversionary works)

Civil Engineering – these works are classified according to the hazards involved with standard earthworks such as sewerage, underground pipelines, railways and airports, and more hazardous structures such as tunnelling, mining and the building of bridges.

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Erection - All risk

Cover is identical to the Car insurance with the exception of the insurance schedule which defines the specific operations that are insured.
The cover provides for fortuitous (accidental) physical loss or damage to:

  • Machinery / Equipment manufactured off site and assembled on site
  • Materials mainly steel and mental
  • Manufacturers Risks lies with the manufacturer or the producer
  • Testing of Product provided only on new machinery and equipment

Plant - All risk

A product which provides wide cover for a contractor’s plant, both on- and off-site and whilst located at the client premises or yard. All manner of plant, mobile (self-propelled or towed) and non-mobile plant can be insured.

Machinery Breakdown

Cover is available to any business owners whose business is solely dependent on owned electrical or mechanical machinery installed at the premises. The cover is for sudden and unforeseen physical damage to the machinery caused by a variety of events at the insured premises.
The cover can be extended to provide limited cover for consequential loss for the cost of hiring temporary replacement machines and full business interruption cover under the underlying MMIII policy.