Aviation Insurance


Aviation insurance is insurance which is designed specifically to meet the needs of aviators.

There are a number of different products available for a variety of aircrafts and pilots.

Just as with insurance for other types of vehicle, there are a number of levels of coverage in aviation insurance policies, including liability coverage for accident when the policyholder is at fault, theft and loss coverage. The more services requested on a policy, the more expensive it will be. Coverage also varies depending on the type of craft: helicopter, sport planes, commercial charter and/or airliner, private aircraft and so forth.

People who own and operate their own aircraft generally purchase aviation insurance so that they are covered in a wide variety of situations, and so that their aircraft will be replaced if the aircraft is damaged, lost or stolen. Terms and conditions of policies always apply.

Owners may also cover insurance on aircraft that they rent out, lease, or hire pilots to fly, in which case the individual pilot may need to carry additional insurance to be fully covered in the event of an incident/accident.

Our Underwriters include Local Underwriters, International Underwriters including Lloyds of London.

We are also registered as a Lloyds of London Broker.

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What can be insured:


Hull All Risks (Full Flight Risks)

  • Who is flying the aircraft (pilot)
  • What is he using the aircraft for (uses)
  • Where is he going (Geographical limits)

Hull Ground Risks

  • Hull Ground risk covers does not cover the aircraft whilst it is moving under its own power, albeit on the Ground.

Hull War Risks and Allied Perils

  • War Risks coverage.

Owners Hull Deductible Insurance

  • Insure the Hull Deductible down.
  • Pilots Excess Insurance – student pilots or hire & fly pilots, various sums insured for pilots and commercial pilots on a freelance basis
  • Personal Accident for Crew and Passengers (24 hours)
  • Loss of License Insurance
  • Third Party & Passenger Legal Liability Insurance
  • Third Party Only
  • Incidental Third Party Legal Liability Insurance
  • Hangarkeepers Liability Insurance (AO & OL)
  • Refueling Liability Insurance
  • Airshow Liability Insurance
  • All Risks: Specified/Personal/Commercial Policy i.e. Handheld GPS; Headsets
  • Marine Insurance / Transit Coverage (Aircraft Engines, etc.)


It is also necessary to know exactly for which purposes the aircraft will be used:

Commercial / Charter



Hire and Fly

Game Counting / Capture / Darting


Aerial Photography

Fish Spotting



Ferry Flights