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Aviation Insurance offers peace of mind to the industry. Our underwriters include local underwriters, international underwriters and Lloyd’s of London.

The following options are available to suit your specialised needs:

General Aviation as the Major risk placement for Piston, Turbine and Jet engine aircrafts such as rotor wings, gliders, micro lights and gyrocopters.
Insurance cover for Hull All Risks, War Risk, Third party & Passenger legal Liability, Excess Liability and Hull Deductible policies.

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    • Student pilots hire & fly various sums insured for pilots and commercial pilots on a freelance basis
    Personal Accident
    for pilots
    • also available on 24 hour coverage basis
    Loss of
    License Insurance
    Hanger keepers
    Liability Insurance
    Aerodrome operators
    Liability Insurance
    Refueling and Airshow
    Liability Insurance